Release Notes: Location Insights Dashboard (GA)

With our new Location Insights Dashboard (now generally available) you can make data-driven decisions about work policies by correlating where employees work with how they work. View productivity by location (Remote, Office and Hybrid), validate compliance with workplace policies and assess office utilization to determine how much space your organization needs.


New Enhancements

In addition to the Location Insights Dashboard, we’ve released the following enhancements to enable greater visibility and accuracy of location data.

  • Location data in Executive Summary and Team Comparison Dashboards: Quickly assess which location is most productive for your team and organization.



  • An exhaustive list of Office IPs: A new enhancement enables Admins to specify whether manually assigned Office IPs should be exhaustive or partial, ensuring that the location data in your account meets your organization’s needs. When enabled, only activity on the associated IPs will be labeled ‘Office’. Learn more about configuring Location settings here.

Location Insights and ActivConnect

The Location Insights dataset is also available directly through ActivConnect for your advanced reporting needs:

  • Combining Location Insights with other datasets
  • Custom reporting & visualizations
  • Incorporating in internally distributed BI dashboards
  • Application development using Location Insights

ActivConnect is available to customers on ActivTrak paid plans as an add-on (contact us for a quote) and ships with a whole host of pre-built starter templates, which you can customize.

Access the Location Insights Dashboard

The Location Insights Dashboard is exclusive to customers on the ActivTrak Premium plan or on a Premium Trial. By default, the dashboard is enabled for Admins and Configurators. Admins can manage role-based access from the Role Access page

  • Premium & Trial Customers: Navigate to Insights > Location via the left navigation.
  • Advanced Customers: Complete this signup form or contact your CSM directly. Once your trial has been enabled, an Admin can enable the dashboard. 

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