Release Notes: macOS Agent 8.2.16

We are pleased to announce our latest macOS Agent release: 8.2.16. 

This new Agent version will automatically detect mouse mover applications, or "mouse jigglers," that fake mouse movements to mimic active, productive digital work. 

If one of these applications is detected, a new Activity Log (Live Reports > Activity Log) entry will be created with the title of ‘POTENTIAL FALSE ACTIVITY’ and the executable name of the mouse jiggler application will be included in the description. 

The new Activity Log entries are specific to the user and application, so Admins can take targeted action. Admins can set up Alarms filtering on ‘POTENTIAL FALSE ACTIVITY’ to proactively notify them of detected mouse jigglers and classify these apps to ‘IGNORE’. Learn more here.

This Activity Log entry builds on a macOS Agent 8.2.15 feature that automatically detects the fake movements themselves – from both software and hardware-based mouse jigglers – and switches logging from ‘ACTIVE’ to ‘PASSIVE’.

To see details on all updates with this Agent release, side-by-side with previous versions, please click here

Update your Agents

If you are running the macOS Agent 8.2.11 or newer, your Agent will automatically update to the latest version (8.2.16), and no action is required.

To manually upgrade your macOS Agents to version 8.2.16:

  1. Click the blue Download button found in the upper right-hand corner of the ActivTrak Dashboard
  2. Download and run the latest version of the Windows Agent installer.

For alternative upgrade options, please read this ActivTrak Agent deployment guide.

Learn More:

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