Release Notes: Impact Analysis (EA)

Organizational change can have a significant impact on employees — for better or for worse — but the effects can be difficult to assess. With our newest feature, Impact Analysis, now in Early Access (EA), you can correlate organizational change to shifts in employee work habits. This data-driven feedback loop helps eliminate the “what-ifs,” so you can drive change with confidence.


Leaders can conduct before-and-after analyses to gauge the impact of a one-time event, or run A/B tests to pilot a new program or initiative. Side-by-side comparisons make it easy to visualize shifts in productivity, workload and technology usage.

Want to learn more? Watch a 4-minute demo to see Impact Analysis in action.

Complete this signup form to join our Early Access program and be one of the first to try Impact Analysis. Once the feature is enabled within your account, Admins and Configurators will have access by default. Admins can manage access for other user roles via the Role Access page (Settings > Access > Role Access).

Note: We may have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see this article for the most up-to-date information about Impact Analysis.

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