ActivTrak Advanced/Essentials Key Use Cases

Everyone is facing challenges in this new flexible work world and many classic management practices have been challenged; even replaced by more effective, progressive ways of supporting productivity. Given that, there are common workforce analytics questions that come up in discussions with our customers, including:

  • How do I more strategically go about reducing technology spend?
  • How can I identify signs of quiet quitting, disengagement, or misalignment?
  • How do I help my teams optimize their work day? How do I rebalance work across teams?

In this article, we’ve outlined three critical use cases and shared the relevant capabilities customers on a paid ActivTrak plan can use to solve these challenges. For targeted analysis, ActivTrak features Groups, a functional way to segment users. You can then filter live reports by user Groups, when relevant, for more tailored solutions.

Challenge #1: Technology Optimization 

Optimizing technology costs, ensuring adequate adoption, and controlling unauthorized use of applications are the biggest IT challenges with technology and SaaS sprawl driven by the shift to hybrid and remote work. 

ActivTrak gives you an aggregate view of all the websites and applications in use as well as detailed visibility to understand which applications are used by which teams and how often. 

Top Applications

View the top applications used by your team to uncover potential opportunities to streamline your technology investments.

  • Underutilized applications may indicate an opportunity to cut costs by canceling subscriptions or the need to train employees on proper usage.
  • The users tab shows which employees use each application and when they use it throughout the day.

In the left nav, go to Live Reports Top Applications. Search and select applications with a high license cost and toggle to Users and scroll down to see the frequency.


Top Categories

Discover what tools employees use across your different categories. ActivTrak automatically assigns categories to common applications and websites used by employees. You can adjust and add new categories to suit your needs in Settings Classification

Go to Live Reports → Top Categories and select the group of users you want to view. Next, confirm that the top three categories align with your expectations for the particular group you’ve selected. Expand the filter and check the duration of activity and search for high-cost tools for deeper insights.


Challenge #2: Employee Disengagement

Employee disengagement is challenging to identify and costs organizations valuable resources that can decrease productivity, morale, and engagement, which can chip away at business performance. 

Top Users and Groups

This report lets you visualize an employee or team’s day, broken down by time spent on productive and unproductive activities. You can toggle between users and groups views to see each user or group stack ranked with the most productive at the top of the list. 

Go to Live Reports → Top Users and Groups and toggle on Users, then filter for the Last Month. Scroll down and select the individuals you want to look for changes in trends. Select a Detailed View in the upper right corner of the report, sort for Unproductive Time and evaluate. Unproductive, which is highlighted in purple, is the amount of time spent using non-work-related applications or websites.


Challenge #3: Capacity Planning

Capacity planning has been a consistent topic of discussion for decades and can be challenging for organizations of any size. Capacity planning operates across a number of different organizational levels, time horizons, and each with distinct use cases at every level.

ActivTrak delivers visibility around productivity, efficiency and utilization to help you understand how to manage employee capacity and allocate resources to achieve your results.

Top Users and Groups

Discover time spent on productive and unproductive activities by users or groups. Activities are stack ranked with the most productive at the top of the list. For this use case, you will want to go to Live Reports → Top Users and Groups and toggle on Groups. 

For example, in ActivTrak you can create or recommend new Groups, defined by hiring profile characteristics such as high performers, new hires, or at risk. This can help you understand which users or groups are underutilized or overutilized – and take steps to rebalance workloads across teams. You can also track periods of longer-than-average work hours so you know when it’s time to assess team coverage and adjust schedules.


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