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How to Reset You Password

We HATE resetting your password. Not because we’re mean or lazy, but because it poses a security risk for both you and your organization. We have no quick, reliable way of verifying whether or not you’re the account creator, or someone trying to gain access to your account, and the data it holds. 
For this reason, we will not reset your password unless we can confidently identify you as the account administrator. 
The best, fastest, most painless method to reset your password, is to reset your password through our Google Sign in method. You can do this whether you have an email provided by Google or not. This article will explain in detail how to assign your email address (gmail or not) a google ID, and reset your ActivTrak password through Google Sign in. 
  1. First, you’ll have to give your current email address a Google ID. To do that, go to, and click ‘Sign In’
   *Note, if you already have Google email addresses, scroll down to the bottom of your list, and click use another account. On the next page, click ‘More options’ then create account* 
  1. On the next screen enter your name in the first two boxes 
  1. Before you enter you email address, click ‘I prefer to use my current email address’ under the email field. 
  1. Finish filling out the form with required information, and click next. This includes creating and confirming a password, selecting your gender, adding your phone number (option but recommended), your date of birth and location. 
  1. Accept their terms and conditions, and you’re done! 
To review, you can give your ActivTrak email address a Google ID using the following steps: 
  1. Open and click Sign in
  2. Enter your name
  3. Click “I prefer to use my current email address”
  4. Enter your current email address
  5. Create and confirm a password
  6. Finish entering required personal information
  7. Accept terms & conditions
Now, we just need to go back to the ActivTrak Login page, and use Google SSO to sign into ActivTrak! 
To use Google SSO to sign into ActivTrak, simply click the button that says ‘Sign in with Google’ and enter the information you just used to to create your Google ID.
If you already use Google SSO and you need to reset your ActivTrak password, here’s how you’ll do that:
  1. Go to
  2. Click the button that says ‘Sign in with Google'
  3. Select your ActivTrak email address
  4. Next Google will ask you to enter the most recent password you remember. If you don’t have one, or can’t remember any, click more options. From there, Google will either ask you personal questions, or more likely, send a 6-digit code to your email address. This step is purely to verify you’re who you say you are. Google is the industry leader in this space, which is why we prefer they handle this process. 
  5. Enter your new password on the next page
  6. Go back to and sign in with google. 
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Brandon Hill