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Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide


The following files are copied to the workstation by the Screen Pass installer.

Blue = Win 2000/XP only

Red = Vista/Win7 only

Name Description Directory
Spassnt.exe GINA System32
SpCrePro.dll Credential Provider System32
SpCreProN.dll Credential Provider for Novell client System32
SpService.exe Service System32
Spmonnt.exe Monitor program that enforces registry settings and displays icon on the toolbar. System32


Replaces Screen Saver tab with Screen Pass tab on Display Properties dialog System32


Displays Screen Pass settings dialog System32


Provides integration with Control Panel System32
Spevntw.dll Writes Screen Pass events to log (Application log, file, or ODBC database. System32
Spmsnet.dll Extension for Microsoft networks System32
Spnwnet.dll Extension for Novell networks System32
Splnch.exe Screen saver launcher System32
SpHours.exe Provides warning of ADS account logon hours ending System32
Spbnce32.scr Bouncing Image screen saver System32
Spslides.scr Slide Show screen saver System32
Spass6.adm Group policy template for Screen Pass policies Windows\inf
Spass6.admx Group policy template for Screen Pass policies Windows\PolicyDefinitions
Spass6.adml Group policy language file for Screen Pass policies Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US
SpAdministrator.exe Screen Pass Administrator utility for configuring without using Group Policy C:\Program Files\Screen Pass
AccessRight.exe Utility to add/remove "Screen Pass unlock" extended right under ADS C:\Program Files\Screen Pass
Spass6.chm Help file C:\Program Files\Screen Pass


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Brandon Hill