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Screen Saver Enforcement

Screen Saver Enforcement
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

Screen Saver Enforcement

Using Screen Pass, administrators can secure idle workstations by enforcing screen saver settings. Screen Pass provides greater control over the screen saver settings than does the built-in Windows group policy.

Password Protection

As its default setting, Screen Pass enforces a password protected screen saver.  Administrators can control the hours that the password protection is enforced, assigning different hours for weekdays and weekends. The admin can choose to suspend the screen saver and or power saving features during periods when the password protection is off.


The screen saver timeout is controlled by assigning a range from which the user may choose.  Setting the maximum and minimum allowed values to the same number assigns a specific value.


Screen Pass controls which Screen Savers are allowed to run on the workstation.  Administrators can limit the screen saver selection to an approved list or to a single screen saver.  Although it is not the default setting, admins can allow tusers to select "None" to temporarily turn off the screen saver.

Note: In previous versions of Screen Pass it was required that Microsoft policies affecting the screen saver be turned off for Screen Pass to function properly. In version 6, the Screen Pass settings override the Microsoft settings. This is true whether the Screen Pass settings are assigned through group policy or using the Screen Pass Administrator.

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