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Auto Logout

Auto Logout
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

Auto Logout

The auto logout feature allows you to automatically logoff idle logon sessions and optionally shutdown the computer.

Administrators can assign a logout delay that represents the time after the workstation is locked and before the logout will occur.  Users are given a warning and shown a countdown timer before auto logout. By default, data in unsaved applications is lost during auto logout.  Optionally, administrators can allow auto logout to occur only if there is no unsaved data. (This option is not applicable if the Hibernate action is selected.)

The auto logout Action specifies whether the workstation will restart, shutdown, hibernate, or simply return to a logon prompt.  Normally, auto logout will force active programs to close, thereby causing the loss of unsaved data. Optionally, administrators can prevent auto logout if there is unsaved data. This option is not applicable if the hibernate action is selected.

The Active hours specify the time of day that the idle workstation will be subject to automatic logout.  The End time can be before the Start time.  For example, a Start and End of 17:00 and 09:00 respectively, will cause the auto logout to be in effect only after normal business hours.

Vista/Win 7

On Vista and Windows 7 workstation all logon sessions, even those not connected to the console are subject to auto logout.  That is, if more than one user is logged onto a workstation, sessions that become idle due to user-switching, will be terminated after the logout delay time.


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Brandon Hill