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Logoff Button

Logoff Button
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

Logoff Button

Administrators may choose to display a logoff button on the Screen Pass main password window.  With this button, users can end the current logon session.

This is especially usefully on Windows 2000/XP with no fast user switching. If a new user wants to use a workstation, they can press the Logoff button and start a session under a new ID without having to restart the workstation.

Windows XP

Under Windows XP the Logon button can be displayed as a "Change User" button.  In this case the new user will be prompted for ID and password before logging off the old session and starting a new session.

The Logoff button is not show by default. A likely place for Administrators to use the Logoff button is on computers in common areas such as labs or libraries where computers shared and often left logged on.

Unsaved data is lost when the Logoff button is used.

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Brandon Hill