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ADS Logon Hours Enforcement

ADS Logon Hours Enforcement
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

ADS Logon Hours Enforcement

Screen Pass provides an option for administrators to fully enforce the ADS logon hours, by logging off users when their account hours end. 

Microsoft Active Directory Services allows administrators to assign logon hours to accounts.  As expected, users are not allowed to logon outside of these hours, however under the standard Windows functionality logon sessions are not terminated when the hours expire. 

Screen Pass completes the functionality by terminating the logon sessions. Unsaved data in open applications is lost. Below is the warning given to users before hours ADS account hours expire:

At any time users may press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L to check the time remaining before account hours expire.

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R may be used to reread the logon hours from the directory. Otherwise changes to the ADS logon hours in the directory are recognized by Screen Pass within a minute of the change.

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Brandon Hill