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Fingerprint/Biometric > Bypassing GINA dialogs

Bypassing GINA dialogs
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

Bypassing GINA dialogs

Windows 2000/XP

Some fingerprint readers require the CTRL-ALT-DEL dialog or password dialog from their own GINA be present in order to unlock the workstation without using the keyboard.  If this is the case with your biometric package, you can configure Screen Pass to bypass it's own dialogs and use one or both of these dialogs from the biometric software.

If you bypass the Screen Pass password dialog, you will be unable to use the admin override feature, but otherwise Screen Pass will be fully functional.


As a means to bypass the Screen Pass password dialog on a temporary basis, users may press Alt-X. This will hide the Screen Pass dialog and replace it with the password dialog from the previous GINA.


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Brandon Hill