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Screen Pass Tab

Screen Pass Tab
Screen Pass Version 6.8 User Guide

Screen Pass Tab

User level configuration is done from the Screen Pass tab. Here users may select screen savers or timeouts subject to the limits imposed by the Administrator settings.

On Windows XP, the Screen Pass tab replaces the standard Screen Save tab on the Display Properites dialog.

On Vista and Windows 7, the Screen Pass tab is available in a separate Screen Pass settings applet. The standard Screen Saver settings applet is unavailable

On all supported operating systems, the Screen Pass tab can be accessed by right clicking the Screen Pass icon on the toolbar, right clicking on the desktop, or from the Control Panel.

Settings locked down by policies are displayed in gray. The wait time is subject to the maximum and minimum limits imposed by policies.  If the max and min times are equal, the 'Wait' time is grayed.  Only the screen savers allowed by the administrator are listed in the screen saver selection dialog. If only one screen saver is allowed, the selection box is grayed.

Viewing Effective Settings
By pressing the System settings button, users may view all administrator assigned settings. This view shows the net result of all policys and Screen Pass Administrator settings currently in effect for the computer.  It is not possible to modify admin settings from the Screen Pass tab.
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