Deprecation: Free Plan

On January 24, 2023, we deprecated select features on our Free Plan.

What is different with the new Free Plan?  

  • 30 days of data history:
    • After January 24, 2023, all free accounts will have access to 30 days of data history.
  • Reports:
      • Exports will not be available
      • Real-Time will not be available (Team Pulse continues to be unavailable on the Free Plan)
      • The Working Hours Report will now be available on Free Plans
  • Alarms:
    • Activity, USB, and Audit Alarms configuration will not be available
    • Screenshots will not be available
    • Alarm Logs will not be available
    • Alarm notifications will no longer fire (Ex: Screenshots, Emails, Webhooks, Popups, and App Termination)
    • Risk Level will not be available
  • Data Privacy restrictions will be on by default:
    • No title bars nor screen details will be available. 
    • Real-Time Thumbnails will be removed (aka Screen Views)
    • Alarm Screenshot actions and logs will not be available
  • Settings: 
    • Blocking will be removed
    • All other pages remain the same
  • Unchanged Features:
    • 3 user limit
    • No access to Add-ons
    • Single Sign On is not accessible (Settings > Security> Configuration) 
    • Weekly Digest will be sent 

To learn more about our new Free Plan changes, along with other ActivTrak Plan changes, please read this article

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