Release Notes: Updates to Location Insights

We have released two new enhancements to Location Insights, improving the accuracy of location estimates for Office and Remote activities:

  • Location History: Once a location is identified as an “Office,” the network signature will be stored so that future activity on that network is labeled “Office,” even on days when the office is sparsely populated. (The location detection model initially identifies a location as an “Office” when a critical mass of employees from the same organization are co-located there.)
  • Remote Desktop (RDP) Support: The location model can now detect when users are connected to a remote server via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and accurately label this activity according to the location of the user’s local device (typically “Remote”), as opposed to the server location. (Please note: This capability is only supported for Microsoft RDP. We are exploring support for additional remote desktop protocols in future releases).

The Location Insights dashboard can be found by navigating to Insights > Location Insights and is exclusive to customers on a paid plan or trial with Insights enabled.

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