Release Notes: NEW Capacity Planning Dashboard in Insights

Today, many organizations are navigating reorgs, hiring freezes, layoffs and budget cuts. This makes it challenging to deliver results with fewer employees. 

Our new Capacity Planning dashboard, now Generally Available, gives leaders and managers a visual snapshot into employee workloads based on historical data, enabling data-informed decisions about workload distribution across team members now and in the future. 

With the ability to compare the number of hours and active days worked during a specific time period to the expected capacity for that time period, you can understand which team members are at or over capacity and which are under capacity, allowing for better distribution of work across team members.


Other common use cases for the insights in Capacity Planning include:

  • Assess work distribution after a reduction in force (RIF) or attrition
  • Determine where to rebalance work after a reorganization
  • Leverage for ongoing quarterly or bi-annual resource planning activities
  • Gather data to inform hiring of new FTEs or contractors

The Capacity Planning dashboard can be found by navigating to Insights > Workload Balance > Capacity Planning tab and is exclusive to customers on a paid plan or trial with Insights enabled.

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