The Admin Panel

ActivTrak’s workforce analytics help your teams work wiser—and this includes your Admins!

To make managing the ActivTrak platform—including surfacing the most relevant data insights—faster and easier, we created the Admin Panel.


The Admin Panel view

Designed exclusively for ActivTrak Admins, the Admin Panel (Home > Admin Panel) serves as a “one-stop-shop” for all essential account configuration and management tasks and actions. This article explores all the various settings and options you can access from this page to manage your ActivTrak account effectively.

Enabling the Admin Panel

After completing Guided Account Setup and ensuring at least one Agent is installed, the Admin Panel will be presented as a homepage option under "Home" for all Admins on your ActivTrak account.

Quick Actions

Shortcuts to the most common actions Admins need to take to effectively manage ActivTrak can be found under the Quick Actions widget at the top of the Admin Panel. These actions include:

  1. Install/Share Agent File
  2. Invite Team Members
  3. Create/Import a Group
  4. Create an Alarm
  5. Create a Goal
  6. Create an Alias
  7. Create a Schedule

NOTE: Admins can customize which actions are shown or hidden in this widget by selecting or deselecting the checkbox to the left of each action in the three-dot menu found to the right of the Quick Actions title, as shown in the screenshot below.


Edit Quick Actions visibility in the Admin Panel

User Health

The User Health widget of the Admin Panel shows your account’s user activity or inactivity. The widget defaults to displaying users who have reported activity data in the last 30 days and have been inactive in the last 7 days. Admins can click the three-dot menu to select from inactivity periods of 3, 7 or 14 days. This insight helps Admins pinpoint if any user Agents are not reporting data, for example, if they are on vacation or to identify any technical issues. By highlighting potential issues, Admins can intervene and troubleshoot immediately, ensuring accurate data within reports and dashboards. 


The User Health widget

Pending Classifications

Pending Classifications surfaces any websites or applications that have yet to be classified, impacting the quality and accuracy of productivity data across the account. If there are no sites or apps listed in this section, congratulations! Your classifications are all up-to-date. To add classifications, click on a site or app to be taken directly to the Classification page. Once you add classifications to a site or app, it will no longer appear in the Pending Classification widget.


The Pending Classifications widget

 Today’s Top Users and Groups

Today’s Top Users and Groups Report, displayed towards the bottom of the Admin Panel, gives Admins a quick snapshot into productivity trends for the current day. Within the widget, Admins can select filters and/or sort activity data by Productive, Unproductive or Undefined. For a complete set of date ranges, filters and options, click on the shortcut link for direct access to the Top Users and Groups report under Live Reports.


Today's Top Users and Groups widget

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