ActivConnect API Documentation

The ActivConnect API includes:

  • ActivTrak-hosted APIs for querying subsets of live data
  • Access to your complete historical ActivTrak dataset via Google BigQuery

Click here for detailed information about ActivConnect and how it works.

The following API documentation contains the most common operations you may need to perform via the Google BigQuery API. 


To access the ActivConnect API, customers on a paid ActivTrak subscription plan must purchase the ActivConnect add-on (or request a trial). Contact us to add the ActivConnect add-on to your account.

Authorizing API Requests

The ActivConnect API uses OAuth 2.0 tokens or JSON Web tokens to authorize API requests. When creating tokens, use “us-activtrak-ac-prod” as the projectId. 

For more information about generating tokens, click here

Common Use Cases

Some common scenarios in which you might use the ActivConnect API include:

  • Query the predefined views available with your account’s subscription plan. The predefined views are described in the ActivConnect Data Glossary.
  • Create custom queries within the access bounds of your subscription plan.

Accessing Existing Views / Custom Query in a Data Set

Send a POST request to the jobs.query method by supplying the projectId in the path parameter. Pass a QueryRequest that includes the projectID, ActivTrak account ID and view name in the request body. 

Path Parameter 

  • projectId: us-activtrak-ac-prod

Request Body:

  • projectId
    • us-activtrak-ac-prod
  • datasetId
    • This is your 6-digit ActivTrak account ID
  • tableId

Example Request




“query”: “SELECT * FROM ‘us-activtrak-ac-prod.123456.daily_user_summary’”,

“useLegacySql”: “false”


Additional Reference

For more information about using BigQuery APIs to access your ActivTrak data, please see the BigQuery REST API documentation.


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