Setup Guide: ActivTrak's Outlook Calendar Integration

ActivTrak’s Outlook Calendar integration enables a more comprehensive picture of employees’ workdays, filling in the “blank spaces” in users’ digital activity with meeting data from their calendars.

Many employees — especially those who work in an office or who are frequently in the field — do not spend their entire workday in front of a computer. Much of their time is spent in in-person or in phone meetings that can’t be detected by the ActivTrak Agent. During periods of digital inactivity, the Outlook Calendar integration provides an additional data source, enabling ActivTrak to fill in the gaps with time spent in Offline Meetings.

Setting up the Outlook Calendar integration involves creating a service account with the necessary permissions. Once that is complete, the integration can be configured within the ActivTrak app.

Follow this guide for step-by-step setup instructions:



Setup Instructions

1. Create a New Azure Service Account

  • Visit and sign in.
  • From the Azure portal homepage, click on App Registrations or search for it in the search bar at the top of the page, as shown below.


  • Click New Registration.


  • Enter a name for this registration, and add the following url option to Redirect URI:


  • Navigate to API Permissions, then click + Add a permission.


  • Select Microsoft Graph.


  • Select Application Permissions.


  • Add the following scopes to the permissions list and grant admin consent for ActivTrak Dev:


  • Navigate to Overview and copy the values of the following two fields:
    • Application (Client) ID
    • Directory (Tenant) ID


  • Navigate to Certificates & secrets, then click the Client Secrets tab. Create a new client secret, with a name and an expiration date.
    • Regarding the expiration date: When the secret expires, ActivTrak’s Outlook integration authentication will expire. ActivTrak’s recommendation is to set the expiration date to the maximum option which is 2 years.

Copy the Secret Value (NOT the Secret ID):


2. Configure the Outlook Calendar Integration in ActivTrak


  • Log in to the ActivTrak application.
  • Navigate to API & Integrations > Integrate.
  • Locate the Outlook Calendar Meeting Insights card, then click the green “Integrate” button within the card, as shown below.


  • Enter the Tenant Id, Client Id and Client Secret Value in the pop-up configuration window.


  • Click Finish.
    • Once finished, it may take up to 24 hours to complete the initial data retrieval. The integration card will temporarily display the message: “Your data is being processed. This may take up to 24 hours to complete.” Once the process is complete, the card will display the message: “✓ Enabled.”
    • If you still see the “Your data is being processed” message after 24 hours, please email for assistance.

View Offline Meeting Data in Insights Dashboards


After enabling the Outlook Calendar Integration, Admins will get access to a set of dashboards that display Offline Meeting data. Learn more here.

Update the Outlook Calendar Integration Configuration

To update your Outlook Calendar integration configuration (i.e. to use a different Outlook credential), the integration will need to be deleted and re-enabled to accept the update. 

To delete the Outlook Calendar integration, click on the three-dot settings icon in the top right corner and select Delete, as shown below. After deleting, please follow the previous steps in this guide to reconfigure the integration.


Learn more:

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