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Is this compatible with Mac OS?

Yes. ActivTrak Agent is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

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Anton Seidler
  • Mark E Felling

    Would love to see a Mac client as I have a number of employees who use Macintosh.  Any idea on estimated availability?

  • Neill Gregson

    Yea I am also keen for a Mac version, can you please give me an indication as to when it may be available?

  • Efren Palacios


    I know you mentioned that there was no "specific date" on the release of your Apple agent. However since it's been a year, I wanted to see if there might be an update and or a more concrete date for release set. (if any)


    Thank you.

  • Andre Soares

    Hi, Kindly let me know when an agent for Mac is available. We have a network with several MacBook's in place. Thanks.

  • Levi

    We also have multiple mac computers and need this feature.

  • Marcel Delfino

    Now 2 years since the original question... and no update from the company.... is this really in your plans or is it more of a wish? or a one day, maybe thing?

  • Gary Maltz


    When will the Mac agent be available?  I've got a network with several Mac's and need this software.  Please advise!

  • Anton Seidler

    ActivTrak Agent is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.