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Is stopping the Agent service same as uninstalling it?

Q: Stopping the Agent service in a workstation is the same as uninstalling it? Even if I stop the service in a workstation, in the dashboard I have the same number of agents reporting.


A: Stopping the service will temporarily stop the reporting. If the computer is restarted and the service is configured to start automatically, as is the default, the service will begin reporting again.

The Dashboard indicator is a bit confusing. It actually shows the number of computers for which there is data in the database. We will probably change the wording on this.

More importantly we will soon provide the capability to delete data from a particular workstation. This will reduce the usage count and the number of agents counted toward your license. This functionality will be available on the Report/Agents page.

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Anton Seidler
  • Yizhi

    Besides the feature to "delete data from a particular workstation" which you are working on, are there plans for a feature to be able to set a time period (hrs, days) where data is or isn't taken?

    For example, if I had an employee who owned a personal laptop that gave me permission to install ActivTrak on, but only wanted to be monitored between 9am and 5pm.