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Do I require License Key to install ActivTrak ?

License key was required for ActivTrak Viewer v. 2.x   ActivTrak Viewer is no longer supported. ActivTrak is a cloud-based software-as-service now. See for more details.

You create an account, download an agent customized for your account and install it on the computers to be monitored. Data is reported to your web account and you view it with your browser.

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Anton Seidler
  • Oceans4lif

    I thought it could just used without control or access of the other computer or phone...and I do not so I hope you can understand and help me with my refund it was only purchased approx.1 hr ago!
    Again, thank you very for the opportunity and chance your time and patience!!!!!
    Robert Alligier Jr.

  • Carlos Mares

    how do i download your software, i have tried and responded with question to you and i still cannot download the trial version


  • tim

    i just installed irt on workstation and now trying to figure out how to view the monitored machine which isnt working for shit! Probably a damn virus