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How to configure custom alarms?

Alarms tab allows you to add conditions, i.e. logical statements involving column values, to the alarm and to determine whether multiple conditions should be combined with the logical AND (Match all) or logical OR (match any.)

Press the 'Add new' link to create a new condition, the Delete button to delete a condition, and the Edit button to edit the condition.

The Edit Alarm dialog allows you to determine what actions should be taken when the alarm conditions are met. Check an action to activate the action for the alarm you are editing.

1. User Popup
Enter text to appear in the popup message on the user's workstation.

2. Snapshot
Automatically capture a screen image or a series of screen images from the users workstation when the alarm is triggered.

Enter text for the subject and body of the alarm email message as well as the receiving address.

In all of these dialogs the text of the alarm notification can be expanded using macro expressions representing the column values for the incoming data that triggered the alarm. The macro expression is simply the column name surrounded by the symbol '$'. For example to expand the user name in the text of a popup message or email use $User$.

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Anton Seidler