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How to Uninstall an ActivTrak Agent?

To uninstall the Agent from a computer, just download and run the latest installer file on you Account Dashboard. If the Agent is already installed it will ask if you want to remove the Agent.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the downloaded file and select 'Uninstall'.

You can also delete all collected data from Reports/Agents tab. This will release your limit, so you can install an agent on some other computers.

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Tyler Winn
  • Steve Johnson

    When Activtrak is uninstalled is the collected data from that computer no longer accessible?

  • Andy Sahl

    The data is available on the ActivTrak website until the user chooses to delete it.  The user cannot access the data unless the account current (no invoices past due) or for free accounts, is under the required data cap.   

  • Carl Getattitude2

    How can I remove activtrak without the installer? I was recently separated from my employer and he is being a dick and will not give me access to the account for me to download the installer. Is there a way we can remove it without the installer? 

  • Andy Sahl


    You can understand why we do not want to post instructions for removing our program without the agent publicly on the internet.  Please email me at asahl [at] ActivTrak [dot] com and we will figure this out.  We will need to confirm ownership of the computer.  



    Andy Sahl

    Account Executive

    Dallas, TX


  • Paul Pinpoint IT Australia

    I cannot see reports/agents tab

  • Andy Sahl

    Hi Paul,

    Please go to settings->storage to delete the data. We will update this article to match the updates in our UI.

  • Caryl Hernandez Ecal

    Sir, i am a homebase encoder, my employer installed that activtrak software, first i dont know what is that software, but now that i know, i resigned.. So how can i uninstall that activtrak??

  • Andrew Muldoon

    Is there a way to uninstall & reinstall silently?

  • A Chalmers

    I have downloaded the latest installer, ran it then ran uninstall but it is still monitoring the computer.