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The ActivTrak service program svctcom.exe starts automatically at workstation startup.

Although it doesn't interact directly with the user interface, the ActivTrak service manages the communication between the monitor program running the in one or more user sessions and the ActivTrak viewer.  It is also responsible for writing data to the workstation log.

No Users Logged On

If the workstation is started and attached to the network, but no users are logged on, the service will report a generic service record to the ActivTrak viewer showing the user as "SYSTEM", and empty fields for the application information.  Where these system records appear in the ActivTrak viewer, they can be used to open a new Workstation Log window.

Zero Duration Events

The service records the following system events to the Workstation Log. These records are not related to application use and show as having Duration of 0:00, which is useful for sorting or filtering to identify system events.

SLEEP - The workstation has gone into a sleep mode

RESUME - The workstation has resumed from sleep mode

SHUTDOWN - The workstation is shutting down.

LOGON - A user has logged on.

LOGOFF - Auser has logged off.

ACTIVTRAK SERVICE STARTED - The service has started. 

ACTIVTRAK SERVICE STOPPED - The service has stopped.

The type of system event, i.e. sleep, resume etc. is written in the Active Title Bar field.  System events are not used when generating a Log Analysis.

System events show "SYSTEM" in the user field, except for Logon and Logoff which show the actual user.  The phrase "System Event" is written to the Executablefield.

For ACTIVTRAK SERVICE STARTED events, the version stamp of the ActivTrak service executable and the ActivTrak monitor executable are written to in theDescription field.

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Anton Seidler