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International Language Support

International language support is now available for both Screen Pass v5 and Screen Pass v6.

Screen Pass 6

Screen Pass 6 will automatically display in the language of the operating system, if that language is supported by Screen Pass.  Otherwise, Screen Pass will display in English. To change the Screen Pass language to something other than the system language, enter the two letter ISO country code in the following registry setting:

KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Birch Grove\Screen Pass\Admin6\Language=FR

Screen Pass 5

It is easy to add languages support to your current Screen Pass v5 installation or to roll out with a new installation of Screen Pass. The base version of Screen Pass v5 is in English, but with the inclusion of an international language DLL, the Screen Pass dialogs and messages can be presented in another language.

To change the user interface to another language, simply download the .zip file for the language of your choice and extract the SPlng51.dll to the Windows\System32 directory. The user dialogs will be presented in the new language. No need to restart the workstation

Available for Download Now:

Dutch , French, German

Contact tech support with to inquire about other languages.

The language .DLL’s can be used with either the demo or the shipping version of the product.

The Screen Pass 5 Installer will automatically copy the Spasslng.dll to the System32 directory if it is present in the same directory as the .MSI file during installation.

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Anton Seidler