Categorizing a Website or Application

Categorizing an activity adds tremendous value to your ActivTrak account. Once categorized, every activity will be auto-logged in the correct spot in your reports, allowing you to efficiently conduct your research. 

ActivTrak’s Intelligent Auto-Classification feature is crowd-sourced and automatically categorizes most of the websites and applications that the majority of customers use. You can also continue to customize category assignments to your needs.

Classifying categories is easy. The primary method to do this is via the Activity Classification page.   

Go to Settings on the navigation bar and select Classification.



Activity Classification

The Activity Classification page lets you easily view current classifications, review auto-classified activities and adjust any activities needing a category or productivity status. 

You will see some activities listed here that show as “pending”. These websites and applications were not auto-classified by our engine, but represent a small amount of your total time. This won’t have a big impact on the overall analysis of productivity. 

You don’t have to classify the pending activities immediately. You can classify from this one page and all at the same time.


Quick Filters lets you easily see which activities are pending categorization that await assignment. Clicking on any of those boxes will populate the given list to the right-hand side of the page. 


  • Clicking on the Pending Category box will populate those activities needing category classification in the pane to the right. 
  • From the list shown, click on the Without Category drop-down for any activity to choose from a list of categories to classify the website or application that is pending. 


Bulk Classification

Advanced Plan customers have the option to also classify categories to similar activities in bulk all at one time. Each activity has a selection box to the left or users can choose to select all, none, those that have been auto-classified and those with pending category or productivity assignment. Once activities are selected, the category selection will be enabled for use. You can then select a category from the drop-down that will be applied to all the selected activities. 




The Categories section shows you all the categories in the ActivTrak library and which applications and/or websites reside in those categories.

Clicking on any category in this list will bring up all your activities in that given category in the right-hand pane. 

Clicking on the green New Category button lets you create a new category to add to your library.



Editable Categories

Advanced Plan customers have the option to edit existing category names ad hoc. Editing a category name makes it easy to customize and adjust your category names without retagging activities. By clicking on the name of the category itself, you can easily adjust the name of the category.  Within the category filters, simply hover over the name of the category until the pencil icon appears. Then click on the category name and edit as you see fit.  All activities will be updated with the new name.






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