Release Notes: ActivTrak Coach Enhancements

ActivTrak Coach, our virtual productivity coach, has been redesigned to enable quicker, more actionable insights for managers. The latest enhancements make it easier for managers to understand which team members need support and then take swift action. To access Coach, navigate to Coach from the left navigation, or click here.

2-minute overview video of ActivTrak Coach

What’s changed?


NEW Highlights page 

Managers can quickly assess who has new opportunities, who is showing recurring behavior and who is improving with an at-a-glance view of team members with Coaching Opportunities across all categories. Highlights combines the data previously available in the Summary & Progress tabs of Coach.

Three new types of Coaching Opportunities

  1. Productivity Decline: Get alerted to dips in team member productivity (last week vs. the prior four weeks).
  2. High Passive Time: Flag team members whose digital activity may indicate a lack of active engagement.
  3. Low Utilization: Identify team members who may be starting to disengage or who have the bandwidth to take on additional work.

Streamlined Coach pages

  • Highlights replaces the “Summary” and “Progress” pages
  • Efficiency & Focus replaces “Efficiency” and “Focus” pages

Refreshed Coaching Advice

Updated Coaching advice from the ActivTrak Productivity Lab is available by clicking the “See Coaching Advice” link next to each opportunity.


  • Coach is exclusively available in paid plans with Insights. To get started, upgrade or request a trial. Learn more about Coach in this Help Center article.
  • Email subscriptions to Coach will not be deleted with this release, but there will be some changes, as outlined in the table below. All Coach subscription owners and recipients were notified via email about these changes on January 24, 2024. To learn more about Insights email subscriptions, read this Help Center article.

Changes to Coach Email Subscriptions with this release:

Past Subscription New Subscription
Summary Highlights
Progress Highlights
Utilization Utilization (now includes both High Utilization AND Low Utilization opportunities)
Efficiency Efficiency & Focus

Efficiency & Focus


Need additional help? Check out our Help Center or contact ActivTrak Support.

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