Live Reports Overview

Live Reports is a set of reports included in all ActivTrak subscription plans that provide valuable near real-time and short-term historic workforce data that answer the question, "Is my team working as expected?"

You can access each Live Report by clicking on 'Live Reports' in the left navigation.

This article provides an overview of each Live Report including its purpose and top use cases to help you and your teams work wiser. Click the link in each section below for more detailed information on the associated Live Report, or click here to read the Live Reports FAQ.

Note: ActivTrak’s Insights Dashboards & Features (available in select plans) take Live Report data further by surfacing trends and providing actionable advice and coaching as well as goal-setting and email subscription capabilities. Learn more about Insights.

Top Users and Groups

Identify top performers and understand if teams and individuals are working as expected with real-time visibility into productivity data and a detailed breakdown of time spent in productive and unproductive activities throughout the work day. Learn more.


The Top Users and Groups Report


Analyze trends in a team's productive time and review intra-day productivity status for all employees on a team/group. Learn more


The Productivity Report

Working Hours

Get an overview of daily activity including the ability to track attendance, understand work habits, and manage team coverage with a summary of team and individual working hours. Learn more.


The Working Hours Report

Top Websites

See the top websites accessed by teams and individuals to understand role alignment, potential process issues and training opportunities to improve overall efficiencies and operational compliance. Learn more.


The Top Website Report

Top Applications

See the top applications used by teams and individuals to understand the ROI of technology investments, ensure role alignment, and improve processes and training.

top applications.png

The Top Applications Report

Top Categories

Assess how users and teams spend time across different technologies to understand if time spent is aligned with roles and job functions.


The Top Categories Report

Activity Log

Access a complete record of all digital activity for each user that can be leveraged for security and compliance audits as well as for general business analysis. Learn more.


The Activity Log

Live Reports FAQs


How are Live Reports different from Insights?

Live Reports is a set of reports that provide valuable near real-time and short-term historic workforce data to answer the question, "Is my team working as expected?".

Insights Dashboards and features provide advanced AI-powered analytics and pattern detection to answer the question, "Is my team working and collaborating to maximize results?".

Importantly, unlike Live Reports, Insights allow organizations to set and measure progress to goals as well as share Insights outside of the ActivTrak app with convenient email subscriptions.


Which subscription plans include Live Reports?

Live Reports are included in ALL ActivTrak plans. Learn about ActivTrak Subscription differences here.


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