How to Use ActivTrak for Return-to-Office Success

The workplace is evolving and organizations are embracing hybrid work models that combine remote and in-office work. While returning to the office (RTO) offers potential benefits, it's crucial to have a strategic plan in place to ensure a smooth transition and maximize success. This guide equips you with the tools and insights you need to navigate the hybrid work landscape effectively.


Risks involved in return-to-office

Digital work is still invisible

Regardless of where work happens (office or remote), digital work is dominant. Even when employees are in the office, leaders cannot verify productivity via outdated manager walk-arounds. Without clear visibility into digital work, in-office work is just as difficult, if not impossible, to measure and optimize as remote work.

Unclear office space ROI

The era of hot-desking and flexible work arrangements is here to stay. In order for business leaders to justify office space costs, they must be able to correlate costs with workforce productivity improvements and better business outcomes.


Remove return-to-office barriers with ActivTrak


ActivTrak removes barriers to return-to-office policies by providing organizations with instant visibility into people, processes and technology. Follow the steps below to use ActivTrak to help you plan a successful return-to-office strategy.

Step 1: Understand current productivity patterns with Location Insights

As a first step, we recommend leaders review productivity patterns by location before implementing a return-to-office policy.

Location Insights provides location-based data on employee productivity and work habits to help leaders make informed decisions about workplace policy and maximize team performance. 

Step 2: Set and track goals to measure performance improvements

Once productivity by location has been baselined, we recommend leaders set goals to track and measure success with a return-to-office policy.

Benchmarks and goals helps leaders understand baselines & trends, set team-level goals and track progress toward desired productivity improvements.

Step 3: Confirm compliance with return-to-office policy

Once your return-to-office policy is in place, you'll need to ensure employee compliance with the policy.

Location Insights provides clear location breakdowns of both teams and users by week so you can verify if employees and teams are coming into the office as expected and outlined in your policy.

For example, if you have a hybrid policy that requires employees to work from the office three days a week, you can confirm if that is happening by viewing location data for the week. In this case, "Office" should appear at least three days for each work week.

Step 4: Measure productivity and collaboration

After confirming compliance with your return-to-office policy, we recommend checking in on how location is affecting productivity, collaboration and overall company culture.

Work Efficiency and Activity Breakdown dashboards help you assess your team's work habits based on where they work.

Offline Meetings should be referenced to gain full visibility into employee workdays by tracking time spent in meetings, even when they're not online.  

Step 5:  Conduct a before-and-after analysis

How can you assess the impact your return-to-office policy is making on your organization?

Impact Analysis allows you to easily conduct a before-and-after analysis to determine your new location-based policy's impact on organizational productivity, efficiency and more.

Like the results? Great! Results falling short of expectations? Consider making additional changes based on your unbiased data insights in ActivTrak.

Learn more:

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  • Visit the ActivTrak Academy for training on using ActivTrak for your goals (Note: Not available with free plans).
  • Need additional assistance? Check out our Support plans to ensure success.

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