Deprecation Notice: ActivTrak for Google Workspace Add-on

On August 15, 2024, ActivTrak will deprecate the ActivTrak for Google Workspace add-on. To ensure an optimal user experience moving forward, we are evaluating and reimagining how we deliver insights and value to customers outside the ActivTrak web application. 

In preparation for the deprecation, we recommend uninstalling the ActivTrak for Google Workspace add-on by following these instructions.

Users with ActivTrak app access can still access their Personal Insights via the Personal Insights Dashboard and can self-subscribe to Personal Insights email subscriptions. Users without ActivTrak app access can receive their Personal Insights via email subscriptions enabled by an account Admin. Learn more about creating and managing Insights email subscriptions here.

In addition to this notice, customers affected by this change will receive communications according to ActivTrak’s Deprecation Process and Policy

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