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Install the Agent


There are three methods to install the ActivTrak Agent:

  1. Stealth Install
  2. Direct Install
  3. Remote Install

Before installing the Agent, be sure you know what type of operating system you'll be monitoring, as there are different file types for Windows and Mac operating systems. Select the type of agent (Operating system format) by clicking the arrow to the right of the install button, and selecting the appropriate operating system for the computer where you'll install the agent.


Note: If performing a direct install, simply click the 'Download ActivTrak Agent' button, as the app knows what operating system you're on, and will automatically push the correct agent to download.


Stealth Install:

Stealth Install is done by downloading the agent to your computer, attach it externally, sending the agent to the workstation, then uploading and running the installer there. This leaves no trace of visiting ActivTrak on the computer and allows the agent to run quietly in the background with no indication anything has changed.

To perform a Stealth Install:

1. Log into your ActivTrak account from your personal computer.

2. Click the arrow to the right of the 'Download ActivTrak Agent' button, then select the agent version that matches the operating system of the computer you wish to monitor. 

3. From here you save the file you just downloaded to an external source. See examples below:

   a. Save the file to an external USB drive
   b. Attach the file to an email
   c. Save the file in a DropBox/GoogleDrive folder.

4. Go to the Monitored Workstation

5. Insert/Open the external source where your agent file is located.

6. Open the file, then complete the steps as prompted by the installer.


Here is a short tutorial demonstrating this process using a USB device:


Direct Install:

The direct install is by far the easiest way of installing the Agent, but not the most recommended if you don't want the user to be aware anything has changed, as it leaves a browser history that can be traced back to ActivTrak.

To Directly Install the ActivTrak Agent:

1. Go to the workstation you wish to monitor

2. Log into your ActivTrak account

3. Click the button labeled 'Download ActivTrak Agent' Located in the top right corner of your Dashboard.

4. Open the file you just downloaded, then complete the steps as prompted by the installer.

5. Log out of ActivTrak

6. [Optional] Clear browser history and cache from the workstation.

Here is a short tutorial that demonstrates the direct method of Agent Installation:


Remote Install:

Remote Installation is a feature only available to paid subscribers that are using Active Directory. You can view plans and pricing here once logged into your account.

1. First, you'll need to download the ActivTrak Agent, be sure to save it somewhere on your computer.

2. After you've downloaded the Agent, visit and download the remote installation tool.

Note: this is a separate piece of software only used to distribute the ActivTrak agent. This will create a desktop Icon ONLY on the machine you're using.

3. Next, open the remote installation tool. It should look like the image below:

4. From the top field labeled 'Target,' select the workstation you'd like to monitor. 

Note: The field below the computer name labeled Agent Status will show you the Agent version currently installed, or that there is no Agent installed. 

5. From the bottom field labeled 'Source,' select the Agent you just downloaded. After the Agent is selected, you'll see the version populate in the field underneath the 'MSI file.'



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Anthony Wurst