End of Sale: Risk Levels Report

Note: The Risk Levels Report is only available to customers on a legacy Advanced or Premium Plan.

Alarms can be assigned a risk score in order to differentiate behaviors that may be more detrimental to productivity or office security.

A user accessing social media during work hours may not have the same impact as logging into file-sharing websites or inappropriate content, and this gives administrators a way to separate those actions. You can customize how many points an alarm is worth when you create your alarms:




Once you've created some alarms and set Risk Levels, you can then look under Alarms > Risk Level and view what your users have been doing and what their Risk Level is for the selected period.



The Alarm Risk score is a calculated number that can be compared from period to period, group to group, and user to user.

The score is based on the total risk points of a user divided by the maximum number of activity log records for a single user in the organization during the given time period.

Risk points are a sum of the triggered alarms' risk levels multiplied by the number of times a user triggered the alarm during the given time period. 



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