Unable to View Screenshots

If you are unable to view Screenshots, there are a variety of reasons why:


Screen Details Add-on not purchased (Essentials and Professional Plans)

Essentials and Professional Plans require the Screen Details Add-on in order to have the ability to take screenshots. Contact ActivTrak Sales to purchase.


Data Privacy Controls enabled (Advanced and Premium Plans)

Admins on Advanced and Premium Plans can enable/disable Data Privacy Controls via the Data Privacy toggle on Settings > Access > Role Access. When Data Privacy Controls are enabled, the ability to take screenshots is not available for the account. Learn more about Data Privacy Controls here.



Screenshot alarm(s) not enabled

By default, screenshots are turned off. To get started, navigate to Alarms > Configuration and try turning on the New Activity Screenshot Alarm, one of the out-of-the-box alarms available in your account. You can also create new alarms. Alarms are enabled when the button on the far left is blue. You will see a screenshot icon next to any alarm that is configured to take screenshots.




Under Alarms > Screenshots > History you have the option at the top to filter the screenshots. Sometimes however, there may not be any data to match the filters applied. Make sure your filters are set properly to a date range when screenshots would have been taken (for example, a working day and not a weekend), and that your selected user, computer, or group has a screenshot alarm turned on.



Account has exceeded license or data limit

A free account is limited to 3 licenses and 3GB of data, and a paid account is limited to the number of licenses on its subscription. If these limits are exceeded, data will still be collected, but screenshots and reports will not be viewable until the account is either brought back within the limits or upgraded. You may notice a banner at the top of your account.


  • If you are over on data (free accounts only), you will need to free up storage space.
  • If you are over on license count, you will need to either add users to the Do Not Track list or purchase additional licenses.

Please note that deleting a user or computer will only delete the historical data collected unless you have also uninstalled ActivTrak from the user's computer. If the agent is not uninstalled, a deleted user or computer will show back up in the dashboard with new data, using a license again once the user is active. Deleting a user may work if you are needing to free up storage space, but likely won't be helpful if you are over on the license count. To stop collecting data for a user and prevent them from using a license, either place them on the Do Not Track list (best if multiple users share their computer or if you only want to stop tracking the user temporarily), or, if no other users need to be tracked on that computer, uninstall the agent.


Old version of the agent 

Verify that the computer you cannot see screenshots for is on the latest agent version. You can check this in the Agent Version column on the page Settings > Users & Groups > Computer Agents. If running an outdated version, an Admin can download a new Agent directly from the Dashboard, as that will always host the most recent version.



Antivirus and firewall settings

If there is security software such as antivirus or a firewall in place for the monitored machines, it may be causing a conflict. Please review this article on whitelisting.


PC - unblock setting

On a PC, you may need to make sure the unblock property is set correctly for the installation file. These instructions will walk you through how to do this.


Screenshot backlogs

Screenshots backlogs can occur if the internet connection is slow or lost. Screenshots then build up on a computer and it takes some time for them to upload when the connection is regained. Screenshots may also be triggering faster than they are able to upload; if backlogs are occurring frequently, it can help to decrease the frequency of the alarms taking screenshots (for example every 20 seconds instead of 10), and to ensure that you don't have multiple alarms enabled and triggering for the same activity.

A member of our support team can help confirm if there is a backlog on the computer in question. If you have access to the computer, we can also help you check the local folders where screenshots are held prior to upload. For computers with a backlog, it is a good idea to restart the machines and then leave them powered on overnight or during off-work hours so they have a chance to catch up and clear out the backlog.


Mac - screenshots only contain desktop background

If you are collecting screenshots for a mac user and you can only see their desktop background rather than the actual applications on their screen, this is due to Apple's Security & Privacy settings and you will need to follow these instructions. After completed, restart either the agent or the machine itself for the new screenshot permissions to take effect.



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