Unable to View Screenshots

If you are unable to view your Screenshots, there are a few possible reasons why:

  • Free accounts that are over on licenses or data
    • A free account that is over on either will still have data being collected, but screenshots and reports will not be viewable until either your data is brought back under the limit, the number of users is reduced, or the account is upgraded into an Advanced account.




Once we've selected the user(s), click on "Delete Selected". 


This will delete all data for that user. As long as you do not uninstall the agent, the next time that user is seen they will start being monitored again.

If you no longer want to track that user, we'll need to make sure the agent is no longer installed on the computer they are using.

There are two ways to do this, depending on if multiple users share the computer or not.

  1. If they are the only user, you can use our remote uninstaller to remove the agent from that machine, and they will no longer be tracked.

    You can find this by going to Account > Storage > Show: Computers and clicking on the Remote Uninstall button. 


  2.  If multiple users share a computer, and you want to stop tracking specific ones, we'll want to use Do Not Track.

    This can be found under Settings. 


  • Add Users will allow you to add local users to this list (anyone that logs into that computer specifically)
  • Add Global User will let you add a username regardless of logon domain. This is especially useful for Active Directory environments where a user might log into multiple computers.

  • Firewall settings
    • Usually, we do not need to make any changes to an existing firewall, but in the rare instances we do, we'll only need to add an exception for backend.activtrak.net
    • You can verify this by opening Terminal or Command Line and pinging backend.activtrak.com and seeing if your computer is able to reach our servers

  • Unblock Settings
  • Antivirus settings
    • Like with your firewall, usually you will not need to make any changes to your Anti-Virus. However, if the above has been attempted and screenshots are not coming through, please reach out to support and we can assist with making any changes to your anti-virus exceptions. 

You can reach us by emailing support@activtrak.com.

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