What is Passive Time?

Passive time is recorded and displayed throughout ActivTrak; illustrating the time a monitored user is away from their computer and keyboard. Passive time often occurs when a user is in a meeting, on the phone, walked away from their computer for a break, and does not imply the user is not being productive nor not working. They are simply away from their computer. 

After two minutes of no mouse or keyboard activity, passive time will begin tracking. The time displayed for passive in the Activity Report does not include this two minute period, therefore if this period of time is of importance it will need to be calculated when reviewing reports. 


This means that the true passive time for user Tiffany is 2m 51s and 3m 30s. 

When looking at the Productivity report, we can view a group or individual's passive-time displayed in yellow, compared to their Productive time displayed in green.



As you can see in the Single-Day report at the bottom, there were three of these instances, each lasting five minutes or less on this user's report for that day.

  • It's important to note that the single-day view shows time in aggregate, so if a user was Passive for 3 minutes and then used Chrome for 2 minutes - that five-minute block will display as Passive.

NOTE: Often times Passive time will show as more than 24hrs. When this occurs it is due to the machine being left on overnight or over the weekend. For example, in the graph below we see that over 40hrs of Passive time was recorded on for 11/02/2019 which was a Saturday; because the user was not active on the machine until the following Monday all hours were applied to the report for Saturday as that is the day in which the Passive time began. 


Once the machine has become Passive screenshots will not be collected and they will show as Passive in the Real-time view. Also, at this time alarms are not able to be triggered based on when the machine is in Passive mode. 

We recommend reviewing the Activity Log to see the before and after logs of the user in order to decipher why the user was Passive. 


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