What is Passive Time?

Passive time is recorded and displayed throughout ActivTrak; illustrating the time a monitored user is not active on their machine. Passive time often occurs when a user is in a meeting, on the phone, walked away from their computer for a break, and does not imply the user is not being productive nor not working. 

By default, ActivTrak starts collecting passive time after 2 minutes of the employee not actively using or providing input into their computer. These 2 minutes are included in the prior activity’s duration. 

In order to change the duration and customize the configuration of passive time review, Passive Time Configuration. 

When looking at the Productivity report, we can view a group or individual's passive-time displayed in purple for unproductive active/passive, grey for undefined active/passive, and green for productive active/passive. For more information on the difference between these productivity states and the active vs passive times reference, Understanding Active Time and Passive Time



Notes of Importance:

  • Often times Passive time will show as more than 24hrs. When this occurs it is due to the machine being left on overnight or over the weekend. Passive time is applied to the day in which is started therefore if the machine goes into passive mode on a Friday afternoon and is not active again until Monday morning, the hours will be applied to Friday's metrics. In order to prevent instances as such, passive time can be configured to stop after a set amount of time; this setting can be found on the Settings > Configuration page. 
  • Alarms cannot be triggered based on passive time.
  • Once the machine has become Passive screenshots will not be collected and they will show as Passive in the Team-Pulse view. 

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