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Install the Chrome Agent

We offer a Chrome web browser extension that will allow you to monitor any activity that takes place inside Chrome.

This can be a great alternative if you are using Chromebooks, Linux, or just want to monitor web activity instead of everything on the computer. 


You can find the Chrome extension here.

The end user will need to be logged into their Chrome browser. This link will show you how to sign in.

Once your end user is logged in and has the Chrome extension installed, you will need to send an invite to them from the Dashboard.

After you log in, navigate to Account > Chromebook User and click "Add".



You'll need to enter in their email address, which will send a confirmation to them.



Your end user will receive an email that looks like this:





Once they accept and have the extension installed, your dashboard will update to show them as registered and data should begin being transmitted.


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Anthony Wurst