Real-time for Free Plans

Note: paid plans have access to these features, and more, under Team Pulse.


Real-time allows administrators of free accounts to view any agent that is currently online and see what is happening on their screen as it happens. Managers that have been assigned groups can also view the computers for those they have been assigned to monitor.

ActivTrak protects the data privacy of all users and therefore real-time thumbnails are not enabled by default. Only an admin on the account will be able to enable/disable this feature. ActivTrak recommends that customers keep this default set to disabled unless needed. It is up to the account admin to understand their privacy and compliance policies/laws.

To enable/disable, navigate to Settings > Account Configuration in the left menu and scroll down to toggle "Enable Real-time Thumbnails”:



To access Real-time, navigate under the Live Reports category in the left menu:



Here you will see a list of any agents that are actively reporting, as well as their current activity:


This list can be filtered by clicking on "All Users" in the top left corner and selecting specific users, computers, or groups. You can also view any users that are passive by clicking on "Show Passive" in the upper right.

Customize what fields are shown by clicking on Columns > Select Columns:



After clicking okay, the selected columns will be shown:


To start viewing a user in real-time, click on the icon to the left of them:



Real-time will display only, and does not transmit audio or allow the user monitoring the screen to manipulate the end user's computer.


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