Using the Productivity Report

The Productivity Report gives insight into how productive your monitored users are being. It can be accessed under Reports > Productivity in the left menu:



The Productivity Report page will display two reports, a bar/pie chart, and a single day report.



The top report will show the total amount of time spent by the monitored users on the various categories.

  • Yellow represents Passive time
  • Grey represents activities that have not been categorized yet 
  • Red represents Unproductive activities
  • Green represents Productive activities.

Productive, Unproductive, and Uncategorized activities can all be changed by going to Settings > Productivity. Read about how to categorize websites and applications here.

Any changes to these classifications will be applied retroactively as well.

Mousing over any of these blocks will provide the exact amount of time spent on that category.


Just like with the Activity Report, this report can be filtered by date, user, computer, or group using the filters are the top of the screen.



This top report can be viewed two ways, a bar chart as pictured above, or a pie chart as shown below:


In order to use the Area chart, we will need to view a date range as opposed to a single day. 


The second report on this page is the Single Day Report.




This report displays an aggregate of the activities for that day, displayed in 5-minute blocks by default, and up to 2-hour blocks if so desired.

The time period the report displays can also be customized by changing the start and end times.

By default, this report will categorize each block as whatever the most time was spent in. 

In this example, the user spent the most amount of time using Slack, so the block was marked as "Productive":




That does not mean they spent five minutes on Slack and Slack alone. This user may have spent 3 minutes inside Slack (Productive) and 2 minutes on Youtube (Unproductive).


It is possible to enable "Strict Mode" as well, which will make any five-minute block in which an Unproductive activity occurred to be marked as Unproductive. 

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