Deploying the Agent Directly

The direct install is by far the easiest way of installing the Agent. It is important to note, however, that this is not the most recommended installation method if you don't want the user to be aware anything has changed because it leaves a browser history that can be traced back to ActivTrak. If you choose to use the direct install method you can also clear the browser history after installation. 

How To:

1. Go to the computer that needs ActivTrak installed.

2. Log in to the ActivTrak dashboard at

3. Click the button labeled 'Download ActivTrak Agent' Located in the top right corner of the Dashboard. The app knows what operating system you're on, and will automatically push the correct agent to download.

4. Open the downloaded file, then complete the steps as prompted by the installer.

5. Log out of ActivTrak

6. [Optional] Clear browser history and cache from the workstation.


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