Deploying the Agent Via USB

A USB Install is done by downloading the agent to your computer, copying the installer to a USB drive, and running the file from the USB drive on the target computer.

This leaves no trace of visiting ActivTrak on the computer and allows the agent to run quietly in the background with no indication anything has changed.

To perform a USB Install:

1. Log into your ActivTrak account from your personal computer.

2. Click the arrow to the right of the 'Download ActivTrak Agent' button, then select the agent version that matches the operating system of the computer that will be monitored.

3. From here, save the installer to a USB drive.

4. Go to the Monitored Workstation

5. Insert/Open the external source where your agent file is located.

6. Open the file, then complete the steps as prompted by the installer.


Here is a short tutorial demonstrating this process:


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