Release Notes 3.34.0

Realtime Screenshot Thumbnails, Upgraded Alarm Features

In our latest ActivTrak release, we’ve added several helpful features. Version 3.34.0 includes Realtime Screenshot Thumbnails, Updated Alarm Filters, Advanced Alarm Filters, and a mobile-friendly Alarm List interface. Here’s what all that means:


version 3.34 release features


Realtime Screenshot Thumbnails

Our Realtime Screenshots have undergone a significant update. Now you don’t have to review individual screens one at a time. Instead, there’s now an option to view the screens of many individuals all at once, in real time. You can access that by clicking the “Show Thumbnails” button at the top right of the page.

There’s also a “Show Tile” view. It gives a similar look as what is shown on the Screenshot History page, which allows for more real-time screenshots to be viewed on a single page.

If you do want to see a single image, you can click on a specific screenshot, and then a full-screen image will load as it did previously. But now, the screenshot only comes back in the same image size as your view window. That way the screenshot will load up much quicker than it did before.

You could still, if you would like to, request the actual image size as it was captured on the original machine. For clearer details, click the Settings button, and then click “Show Full-size Image.” The next image that loads will be a full-size image that you can zoom in on.

Updated Alarm Filters

You’ve always been able to filter by the name and the conditions that you’ve defined for your alarms, but now you can filter by type of alarm.  If you only want to see USB Alarms, for example, you can filter out Activity and Security Audit Alarms.

There’s also a way to filter by type of screen capture. Use this filter to find alarms that capture no screenshots, one screenshot, multiple screenshots, or videos.


Advanced Alarm Filters

If the additional column filters still aren’t enough to find the alarm you’re looking for, the new Advanced Alarm Filters would be beneficial, especially if you use dozens of alarms. These new filters have more fields and more filtering capabilities.

One example of this is the email field. This field makes it easier to find alarms that send email alerts. Filter by the email recipient(s), the subject, and the body fields you’ve previously set up in an alarm.



The alarm list now displays tooltips when you hover over the email, popup, and webhook icons for each alarm. These tooltips tell you exactly how an alarm is configured without having to go inside the alarm details page.

Mobile-Friendly Alarm List

The last thing I want to highlight is the Alarm List on the mobile view. It’s the same list you see on the desktop interface, but we’ve given you a better way to see it.

Everything’s stacked on top of each other, side by side, in a grid-like layout. You can easily activate and deactivate the alarms just like you can on the desktop view, but now it’s more mobile friendly. The edit, duplicate, and delete buttons are there for each alarm. And at the top of the page, you still have the Advanced Alarm Filters I mentioned above.

We also revamped the Alarm Details page to make it mobile friendly. Alarm details can be accessed by creating a new alarm or by editing an existing one.

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