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Capture user behavior through screenshots

Screenshots give administrators a clear image of user activity on computers running the ActivTrak Agent. With visual records like images and videos, it's easy to see what happened when, the intent behind user actions, and gain insights into how teams work.

ActivTrak can be customized to trigger a capture when a specific activity occurs or every few seconds; across specific groups of people or entire organizations. 

To view your Screenshot settings, log into the web app and use the left sidebar to navigate to Screenshots > Configuration.




Here you will see any Screenshot capture settings you have already set up, as well as the option to add more.




By default, every account has an Alarm that is set to capture a screenshot every twenty seconds, which can be toggled on or off using the switch on the left.

To create a new condition for capturing screenshots, do so by clicking on "New" in the top left.



You'll now be prompted to fill out some fields to tell the ActivTrak agent what to look for:

  • Website or application title contains: Tells the agent specifically what application or website to look for.
    • For example, if you want to capture screenshots for when a monitored user is watching videos on Youtube, enter "youtube" in the field above, and the agent will start recording as soon as it sees a URL with the term "youtube" in it.
  • For: Designate whether this is for a specific user or a specific computer.
  • Wait: Indicates how long the monitored user must be active on that webpage or application before it starts recording. The minimum is 10 seconds.
  • Take multiple screenshots: Available on the Advanced Plan, this tells the agent to take multiple screenshots when the trigger is activated. Just like with the "Wait" field, the minimum delay between screenshots is 10 seconds. 


Once the new capture rule is completed, it will show up in the Screenshot list:




Edit or Delete the Alarms you've created from this screen.

If you have any questions, please chat Support from the Dashboard or email

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Tyler Winn