Contacting Support

There are several channels you can use to get in touch with one of our Support Engineers. Our support hours are Sunday 7:00 pm CST through Friday 7:00 pm CST. We are here for you! 


  1. Sign in to your dashboard and click the chat icon in the bottom right.
  2. Once the chat interface is open, you can start a new conversation, re-open old ones, check our system status, or access or searchable knowledge base.



OS Version Support:

ActivTrak aligns the maintenance and support of its software, including components, to the support policies published by the Operating System (OS) vendors, upon which the ActivTrak software relies for interoperability. ActivTrak software components include, but are not limited to, end-user software components, the ActivTrak Management application, and mobile applications. Support for the aforementioned ActivTrak software, including components, will not be supported on a given OS version once the OS vendor ceases support of that OS version. 

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