Classifying Productive Applications & Websites

Classifying Productivity helps administrators get a better sense of how productive their users are and makes reports more robust and meaningful.

Productivity is a core part of ActivTrak's reports and can be seen almost everywhere. ActivTrak’s Intelligent Auto-Classification is crowd-sourced and automatically classifies most of the websites and applications that the majority of customers use. You can also continue to customize productivity assignments to your needs. 

Classifying activities is easy. The primary method to do this is via the Activity Classification page.   

Go to Settings on the navigation bar and select Classification.


Activity Classification

The Activity Classification page lets you easily view current classifications, review auto-classified activities and adjust any activities needing a category or productivity status. 

You will see some activities listed here that show as “pending”. These websites and applications were not auto-classified by our engine, but represent a small amount of your total time. This won’t have a big impact on the overall analysis of productivity.  

You don’t have to classify the pending activities immediately, but can do so from this one page and all at the same time.



Quick Filters lets you easily see which activities are Pending Productivity that await assignment. Clicking on each of those boxes will populate the given list to the right-hand side of the page. By default the first items you will see will be activities that are Pending Productivity classification. 

From the list shown, select Productive or Unproductive to classify the activity for each activity that is pending. 

You can also see All Activities and those that have been Auto-Classified by clicking on those boxes.

Categories shows you all the categories used by ActivTrak and which applications and/or websites reside in those categories.


View Details

Clicking on the Details button by each activity lets you view more context of the top titles employees have visited the most as well as the top three users on this activity. These details make it significantly easier and faster to review and assign classifications.  


Filtering and Search

There are filters for every category assigned to activities along with a search feature to easily find what you need. You can change the order of what’s shown in the display by: 

  • Productive
  • Unproductive
  • Date Added
  • Total Users
  • Total Duration of Use


Another method to classify activity is from the Reports page.

Go to Reports in the menu and select Top Websites or Top Applications.




Here an administrator can see what the most common websites or applications are as well as how much time and what percentage of the total time is being spent on each one.


When a website or application is select, the right side of the page will update to show more information on that particular activity. 

Clicking on the productivity drop-down in the top right of this panel, lets you change how it is defined to suit your needs.



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