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Classifying Productive Applications & Websites

Classifying Productivity helps administrators get a better sense of how productive their users are being and make their reports more robust.

Productivity is a core part of ActivTrak's reports and can be seen almost everywhere.

There are two ways to classify an activity.


  1.  Go to the Top Websites or Top Applications page under Reports:


    Here an administrator can see what the most common websites or applications are as well as how much time and what percentage of the total time is being spent on each one.


    When a website or application is select, the right side of the page will update to show more information on that particular activity. 


    If an administrator clicks on the productivity in the top right of this panel, they will have the option to change how it is defined.

  2. Go to Settings > Productivity:


Here administrators can view the last seven days worth of activity, toggling between Websites and Applications.



This page will show administrators how much time was spent on each activity as well as what they are currently considered productivity-wise.

This view can also be sorted to show all activities considered Productive, Unproductive, or Undefined by clicking on the corresponding category on the left.


To change the Productivity for the listed activities, simply click the box next to the activity, then choose one of the options at the top of the screen. Multiple can be selected at once.



If a website or application is not listed here, either because a user has not used it yet, or if they have it has been longer than seven days ago, either can be added manually by clicking on the corresponding buttons.



After clicking on either button, the interface will change, giving the administrator a chance to manually enter in the website domain or navigate to the application.




Lastly, categorized websites and applications can be deleted as long as they do not appear in the Activity Log for the past seven days. To do this, click the boxes next to the activities and click on "Delete Selected".


If the activity cannot be deleted, the delete box will be unclickable, and an error message will appear when hovered over.


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Tony Wurst