The Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard (Home > Activity Dashboard) is designed to provide a quick glance at your organization's activity. It also provides quick links to download installers for new and existing device Agents.

The Activity Dashboard


There are several settings located at the top of the Activity Dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.


  • To change the time period, click on the Time Period drop-down menu and select an option. 
  • Click on the Team or User drop-down menu next to the time period setting to select which team or user's data you would like to see reflected in the Activity Dashboard.
  • Hit the Refesh button to ensure changes have been applied.
  • Click Print Page to print the Activity Dashboard.

Productivity Stats Overview

To the right of the Activity Dashboard settings, you will see a high-level overview of productivity stats for your selected user or team during the selected time period, as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Green time displays total productive time
  • Purple time displays total passive time
  • Gray time displays total undefined time
  • Black time displays the total reported time

Download Agent

The blue Download Agent button is contextual and will download the correct Agent installer (macOS or Windows) for the operating system you currently use on a given device. If you need to download a different OS Agent, click the down arrow to the right and select which one to download from the drop-down list, as shown in the screenshot below.


Today's Team Pulse

The Today's Team Pulse widget provides a quick at-a-glance summary of employee productivity and availability throughout the day. Admins can view high-level info on the dashboard with the ability to drill down into more detailed views by individuals and groups. 


  • To filter by current productivity status, click on the ACTIVE TODAY setting in the top-right corner
  • To sort the view by criteria (i.e. Username, First Seen, etc.), click on the PRODUCTIVITY % setting in the top-right corner
  • To see productivity details for individuals users, ensure the USERS tab is selected in black
  • To see productivity details for groups or teams, ensure the GROUPS tab is selected in black
  • To exclude Passive Time from your view, click the settings gear in the top-right and select "Exclude Passive Time" from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Today's Team Pulse for a shortcut to the Team Pulse Productivity Dashboard.


The Productivity widget displays overall activity in a bar chart format by productive, unproductive and undefined time for the timeframe and users or groups selected. 


Top Users and Groups

The Top Users and Groups widget stack ranks productivity time by the users and/or groups you select.


  • Click on the TOTAL setting (as shown above) to view and select options to show only productive time, unproductive time, or undefined time.  
  • Click on Top Users and Groups for a shortcut to the Top Users and Groups Live Report.

Top Applications

The Top Applications widget displays a visual pie chart of the most used applications and how much each one is used in relation to the others as a percentage. This data is helpful in understanding whether application usage is in alignment with specific roles, workflows or team goals. It is also useful to identify applications that could be causing distractions.


  • Click the ALL setting to show all, only productive, only unproductive or only undefined apps.
  • Click on Top Applications for a shortcut to the Top Applications Live Report.

Top Websites

Similar Top Applications, the Top Websites widget displays a visual pie chart with a breakdown of website activity.


  • Click the ALL setting to show all, only productive, only unproductive or only undefined apps.
  • Click on Top Websites for a shortcut to the Top Websites Live Report.

Top Categories

The Top Categories widget displays the most used categories. Categories are custom-defined by an organization in the Classifications page (Settings > Classifications). For a shortcut to this page, click on Define Categories in the top-left corner of the widget. Learn more about Classifications here.


  • Click on the ALL setting to view all, application-only, or website-only categories. 
  • Click on Top Categories for a shortcut to the Top Categories Live Report.

Pending Classifications

The Pending Classifications widget surfaces any websites or applications that have not yet been classified with a category or productivity label.  


  • To classify directly from the Pending Classifications widget, click the arrow next to "Select' under the Category and Status columns to assign a category and productivity label, respectively.
  • Click on Pending Classifications for a shortcut to the Pending tab of the Classifications page, where you can classify individual sites or apps or bulk classify. Learn more here.

Chat Icon

In the lower right-hand corner of the Activity Dashboard you will see a green and white chat icon (also shown in other pages within the ActivTrak application).


Clicking on the chat icon will initiate a chat session so you can ask our Support team questions. It also provides a quick link to our Help Center so you can access knowledge-base articles and tips—like the one you're reading now!


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