Installing Chrome Agents

ActivTrak’s Chrome Agent should be installed on Google Chromebooks and can also be used within the Google Chrome browser on other operating systems. When using a Windows or macOS operating system the Chrome Agent is not required if the agents for those systems are used.

How to Install the Chrome Agent

NOTE: When the ActivTrak Chrome Agent is installed, it is not hidden. The extension icon will appear in the browser toolbar and also in the extensions menu.

1. In the ActivTrak App, Admin-level users can navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Chromebook Users.

2. Click the 'Add' button in the top left-hand corner of the page and enter the email address associated with the employee’s Chrome browser login to send them an invite. 


Adding a new Chromebook user in ActivTrak


3. When the employee receives the email invitation, they must click on the blue “I Accept” button, as pictured below. This step is required to ensure that the Chrome Agent data is associated with the correct user.


Example of email invitation with the ‘I Accept’ button


​4. After clicking the ‘I Accept’ button, the employee will be redirected to the Chrome web store page where they will need to download the ActivTrak Chrome Agent extension. 

NOTE: The optimal setup is for the employee to be logged into the Chrome browser and have Browser Sync enabled when adding the extension.


Example of Chrome showing a logged-in user and Browser Sync enabled


WARNING: Chrome Browser Sync can install the Agent on browsers of other computers if users sign into them with the same credentials. Click here to learn more about Google's Chrome Sync feature and how to disable it.

5. Within Google Web Store, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and then click the ‘Add extension’ button as seen below.



Sample Chrome Web Store dialogs


6. Once the Agent has been installed, verify its activity in the ActivTrak App. To do this, navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Computer Agents page to see the Agent listed.

NOTE: For the Agent to work properly, the employee will need to remain logged in to the Chrome browser.

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