Create and Change Aliases

Reports are one of the most common methods for quickly gaining insight into workforce trends. To make reports easier to read and understand, it is recommended to set an Alias for either a user or a computer to more easily identify who is using that machine, where it is located, or it's intended purpose.

This will allow the merger of multiple users into a single report, or if a user changed machines and you want their old data under the new user on the new machine. This will not affect license count numbers and is not an effective way to manage licenses.

You can set an Alias by going to either Settings > User Aliases or Settings > Computer Aliases.




When you have multiple domains for a single user, you can create a User Alias to make these viewable with one report and merge the viewed data. By making aliases the same, new usernames will appear under your report selection screen.


Below is an example of the two users above being merged to one viewable report.



Computer Alias:

Instead of having computer names that are unrecognizable, you can alias them to something more friendly. Much like User Aliases, this will not affect license count but will allow a friendly name when viewing reports by machine.

Computer Aliases must be unique and are therefore not able to merge reports when viewing them, but will allow you to quickly identify the computer when viewing an Alarm or an entry on the activity log.


The user above has a unique Computer name, but to make it more friendly with reporting, we have changed it.

Video Example:

For a step-by-step walkthrough, here is a short video tutorial on how to create an alias.


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