Delete Users

If you need to delete users either to free up licenses or to free up some data, you can do so from the Account > Storage page.


This page can be accessed either from the left sidebar or by clicking on your license count in the top right corner of your screen. 

Here you can select which user(s) you want to remove. Just click the box next to their name and then choose "Delete Selected" in the top right corner.


You'll be prompted to type "delete" to confirm the deletion. 

We cannot restore deleted logs and screenshots.

If the agent is still installed, the user will reappear and new data will be collected.

If you want the user to remain deleted, there are two ways:

  • If the user shares the computer with other users that you do not want to take, you'll want to add them to the Do Not Track list found in Settings. This article will explain how to add them.
  • If the user is the only one using that computer, removing the agent will prevent them from reappearing. This link will walk you through how to uninstall the agent. 

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