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Roles and Permissions

There are three basic roles inside ActivTrak. It is possible for a user to have multiple roles depending on how the permissions are granted. 


All roles except for end user are created and managed under Account > Access. 

  • Administrator
    • Administrators have full control over the application and can make support and billing requests. 
    • They also have access to the creation of alarms and changing settings within the account. 
      • For example, Administrators are able to reclassify activities as productive or unproductive and change categories. These options can be found under Settings > Productivity and Settings > Categories. 
      • A non-admin user will not see these options in the web ui.
    • By default, the email used to create the account will be an Administrator. 
  • Manager
    • Managers are granted access to view specific groups by Administrators. 
    • Any users not in their assigned groups will not be visible to Maanagers
    • Managers cannot make any changes to the account or make billing requests.
    • They are able to reach out to support either via the chat tool in the bottom right of the screen or by emailing

  • End User
    • End users are the ones being monitored. They may or may not be given access to 
    • The end user may not be aware they are being monitored depending on your workplace policy.
    • Administrators and Managers are also able to be monitored by installing the application on their computers. 
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Sam Lecompte