Free Up Storage Space

This article walks through three different ways to restore some storage space so you are able to continue viewing data and enjoying your experience with ActivTrak.


The most common reason a user would want to free up some storage space is if they are on our Freemium plan which allows them only 3GB of space. Once a Freemium account has exceeded this limit, the service will continue to run and track the users on the account but will not give access to that new data. If this does happen, as soon as storage space is freed up access to new data will resume as normal. It is best practice to check how much storage space has been used on a free account and delete data before hitting the 3GB limit to avoid losing access to data.

Note: Please export and save any reports that need to be kept before beginning to use one of these options. Once the data is deleted, there is no way to recover it. 

Only Advanced Plan Users have the option of exporting their screenshots either to their computer or to a connected Google Drive account. Free accounts can right click and save images individually.

Option 1: Deleting Screenshots

1. First navigate to the Dashboard and find the Screenshots Tab on the sidebar.

2. From there select the History tab.

3. Here all screenshots can be viewed along with a Delete All button in the top right corner. 

4. After saving or exporting the images that need to be kept, click the Delete All button to remove all images and free up storage space. 

Note: There is no way to pick and choose individual images to delete, only all or nothing.


Option 2: Delete User Data

1. First navigate to the Dashboard and find the Account Tab on the sidebar.

2. From there select the Storage tab.

3. Once on this page there will be large table with all of the computers installed and information about these computers. Select computers to delete saved data from. Or similarly, navigate to the Users tab at the top left of the table and select Users to delete saved data from.

4. Once either the the Users or Computers are checked, click the Delete Selected button on the top right.

NOTE: To to see a breakdown of definitions for the Storage Page table click here.


Option 3: Remote Uninstall

1. For this option please follow the first steps in option 2 to get to the Storage Page. 

2. Once there, a little computer icon with an x on it will appear next to each one of the installed computers.

3. Click on the icon to remote uninstall the ActivTrak agent from that computer and this will also delete any data that was associated with that computer.


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