Freeing Up Storage Space

The free plan for ActivTrak does have a 3GB storage limit so there will come a time where you will need to free up some space in order to continue using the service.

In the event that you do run out of storage, the agent will continue to monitor active agents, the data will just not be viewable.

There are two ways to free up storage: Deleting screenshots or deleting all user history from the storage page.

Deleting Screenshots from Screenshots History


  • Navigate to Screenshots > History in the left sidebar. 


    Once the page loads, you'll see the following:



  • On this page, we have the option to delete screenshots by clicking on the "Delete All" button.
    • Advanced Plan Users have the option of exporting their screenshots either to their computer or to a connected Google Drive account.
    • Screenshots can be saved individually by clicking on the screenshot, zooming in, and then right clicking and choosing "Save Image..."


Deleting User Data from the Storage Page

  • Click on the license count in the top right of your screen:
  • Navigate to Account > Storage in the left sidebar:

Once you navigate to the storage page, you'll see a list of all your users and computers as well as how much storage each is taking up and what that storage consists of:


  • Total Storage Used: This will give me a breakdown of how much of my 3GB of storage I have used, and the breakdown of how many logs vs screenshots I have recorded.
    • The Advanced Plan will not have a data limit, but it will show the same data.
  • Show: This lets us change the view from users to computers. 
  • Export Last 7 Days: We can use this feature to export the last seven days worth of data either to a zipped folder or to a connected Google Drive account.
  • Delete Selected: This will allow us to delete all information for the selected users or computers.
    • It's important to note that deleting a user here does not remove the agent from their computer, just any data collected so far.
    • If we only delete the data and do not remove the agent, the user will re-appear and data will begin to be collected again.
  • Last Log Record: This field displays the last log (for example, Activity, websites accessed, etc) that was received by the agent installed on this user's computer.
  • Last Screenshot: This will let us know when the last screenshot was received by the agent. This will be dependent on the Screenshot and Alarms that are configured. If there are none set to capture for this user recently, the date might look off. 
  • # of Log Records: The number of records recorded for this user/computer.
  • # of Screenshots: The number of screenshots captured for this user/computer.
  • Total Storage: How much space this particular user/computer is taking up.

The Computer View will be very similar, but instead of being just the statistics on one user, it will be for the entire computer as well as provide us with extra information and options.



  • Agent Version: This will show us what version of the agent is installed on this computer.
  • OS: Displays the version of the operating system the agent is running on (Windows, Mac, Chrome Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_10.09.31_AM.pngExtension).
  • Remote Uninstall: UninstallIcon.png
    • Clicking on this icon will initiate a remote uninstall of the agent from that computer. You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion before it goes through:

    • Performing a remote uninstall will also remove any data associated with that computer. 



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